Do you want to join our English Conversation Club?

Would you like to practice intermediate-advanced English on Zoom?

We have a Conversation Club online with people who want to improve their speaking skills. 

  • We know that you need to find the right people to practice your English conversational skills.
  • Now you have the opportunity to apply for a free meeting to speak English in our Zoom meetings.
  • Our community provides a respectful and friendly environment where you can feel free to speak without worrying about making mistakes.

How to participate in our Conversation Club...

Read the information below to understand how our community works.

If you think our conversation club is for you, you can request to join one free call with us to see how you feel and decide if you want to become a member and continue practicing English in our community.

Date and time

We are meeting on Zoom video-calls every Monday and Thursday at 8 PM, Mexico City time.
If you want to confirm what is the current date/time in Mexico City, click in the button below:

Topics and pairs Activity

We have a host who guides every session, we define a specific topic along with questions, and we have the participants speak in pairs to have more time to speak, responding to each question. When you join us, you receive guaranteed practice time, respect, support and motivation to develop your speaking skills.

Level requiered

We accept members with different English levels, as long as they are able to keep a conversation and speak with other participants. For example, if you understand more than 60% when you listen spoken English and you are able to enunciate complete sentences when you speak and explain your ideas, that's enough. You will have the opportunity to practice with our community members in a respectful and friendly environment, and improve your fluency and comprehension.

Community guidelines

We have the most respectful and well structured atmosphere. For this reason you must accept our community guidelines if you want to be elegible to participate in this conversation club:

  1. Respect all participants
  2. Over personal topics NOT allowed
  3. Make sure everyone feels safe and accepted
  4. Zero tolerance for harassment or bullying
  5. Sexual suggestiveness is NOT allowed
  6. NO SPAM

Speak and improve your English...

"We want you to feel this desire to speak  and apply your speaking skills with real people."

Do you have the chance to participate with us in one of those schedules?

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