Our Mission:

Motivate our students to improve their quality of life by learning, applying and living our values.

Our Values:

  • We celebrate our heritage.
  • We set up goals and expectations for our lives.
  • We learn to communicate our ideas orally in a variety of topics.
  • We read, observe and listen to acquire and apply new skills.
  • We successfully face risk taking situations.
  • We make decisions about how to live the English speaking system and culture.
  • We are becoming lifelong autonomous learners.
  • We live a richer and fuller life every day.

What we do:

We are a Cultural Center that hosts a community of like minded people from all around the world. As a community, we have the goal of helping and encouraging each other to become lifelong, fluent English language learners and users.

How we do it:

Our Cultural Center hosts multimedia materials, ongoing individual and group activities, that motivate us to engage in learning, improving and using the English language to better our lives. Our students can track their accomplishments as they move through the different materials available. Fluent and effective communication in the English language is our ongoing goal.

Our Code of Conduct:

  • We live in harmony when we show RESPECT:
  • We respect ourselves.
  • We respect others.
  • We respect their persona.
  • We respect the way they think and talk.
  • We respect each other by using clean language and avoiding foul language.
  • We respect their physical and personal backgrounds.
  • We show respect when we live in HARMONY:
  • We keep good personal hygiene.
  • We avoid having a very noisy background.
  • We are attentive and kind to everyone.
  • We pay attention and participate actively.
  • We prosper and grow a richer and fuller life everyday.